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Small rant

2021.11.29 21:39 MikeCrosskill Small rant

I have over 1000 hours in kingmaker , I have 100% the game, I have roughly 450 hours on wrath of the righteous at 73% completion. My rant does not come from inexperience with these games , I played kingmaker on release and stopped due to the bugs, I played wrath of the righteous beta and release. We did not get enough time to test chapters 4 and 5 before release , we had months for chapters 1 - 3 and they still didn't fix bugs that were repeatedly reported , we had a couple weeks for chapters 4 - 5 and they fixed to my knowledge two bugs for those chapters.

Wrath of the righteous was released as a FULL game, not early access , not a beta but a full release. For months multiple mythic paths which were the selling point of the game simply did not work. For months hundreds if not thousands of people who paid full price could not complete the game due to huge bugs. Even now months after release the game is in a barely playable state in chapter 5, I like owlcats style of game however not doing adequate testing is downright disgusting practice which should of stopped after the clusterfuck that was kingmakers first year.
Most people when they find a bug , ask for help either on this sub or on the offical discord, the response? "Use Toybox" A fan made mod that has done more for fixing broken content than it should have to, we should not need to do this but sadly we do. We still cannot disband useless army units , the crusade which was also a selling feature retains to this day bugs that have existed since the beta, Only way to fix these bugs? You guessed correctly use a fan mod to fix it.
Tldr we should not be beta testing a fully released game, or using mods to fix shitty designs.
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2021.11.29 21:39 Vantidus Stencil paintings that I made on old vinyl records

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2021.11.29 21:39 hittingreset The 1975 as Jeopardy! Clue Tonight🥳

Daily Double clue on tonight’s Jeopardy!
Clue: Matty Healy, lead singer of these Brit rockers, was born 14 years after the year in their name.
The contestant got it wrong. 😳😐👎🏾 BUT reaching status of a Jeopardy clue = legendary status. 🥰
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2021.11.29 21:39 Former-Wrongdoer4952 🙀 NINJA CAT BSC 😹 Meme-Rewards-Gaming Token on BSC 😾 Just stealth launched |100% safu | Low MC 🙀 NFTs + Gaming + BUSD rewards + Huge potential 💖 Amazing New Game | Doxxed Devs 💰 Don’t miss out on this next big gem


🙀 NINJA CAT BSC is by far the most fearsome and destructive of the bunch, STRIKING FEAR into the hearts of the citizens of Tokenopolis!!!!!!!

😹 NINJA CAT BSC will be appearing in a city destruction simulation game with his barnyard buddies. The NINJA CAT BSC team is gearing up for the big release and are so excited to build this community. 💪

😻 With our first game already in development, NINJA CAT BSC is looking forward to creating a fun place for investors to come and compete with community members for prizes. Bridging out beyond the world of BSC is next, with plans to reach the wider gaming community.

Realization of a global crypto is the big dream here at NINJA CAT BSC. The crypto focus and ability to interact with cryptocurrencies during your experience at our establishments will help educate those new to crypto and attract those already familiar with this world.

😾 Menu will be mainly focused on “comfort food” without the fast-food stigma. We don’t like to say “fast food,” as we don’t like to sacrifice quality by rushing here at NINJA CAT BSC !! All of our menu items will be delicious without compromising quality.

💚 Jonh us TG now......

🌎 Telegram: https://t.me/NinjaCatBsc

✅ Contract is Renounced

🚀 Total supply:

🔥 Burned : 20%

🔒Liquidity Locked

🎯 Tax : 10%


🐳 Anti-Whale Mechanisms

🔰 Pancake Swap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xd2121d75c772f13866774e2b721059ffae5e8fd5

🔰 https://www.honeypot.is/?address=0xd2121d75c772f13866774e2b721059ffae5e8fd5
🔰 Deeplock: Lock LP

Game Swap, Game Farm, Game Merch and many more coming in the project roadmap🚀

Good Luck!! 🌟
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2021.11.29 21:39 ---Banjo--- Does the Pixel 6 Pro have magnets like the Pixel 5?

The Pixel 5 has magnets similar to the newer iPhones magsafe set-up. It was strong enough to use naked on my magnetic car dock. Can anyone with a 6 Pro tell me if the same is true still?
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2021.11.29 21:39 more9898 Murder can be justifiable without being self defence in very extreme cases?

View Poll
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2021.11.29 21:39 hApPiNe5s [WTS] UTG Pro 12" Extended Quad Rail w/ FSB Cutout, Magpul-ized ($105), PSA Detachable Carry Handle w/ RMR mount ($100), Magpul MBUS Set ($70), PSA Mil-spec Plastics ($25), Magpul MOE SL Grip ($7) (CO)

Items for Sale:

  1. UTG Pro 12" Extended Quad Rail Handguard - Carbine Length w/ FSB cutout; Magpul XTM Grips, Magpul Rail Ladders, Magpul Pic QD Sling Mount - $105 Photo link
  2. PSA Detachable Carry Handle with Trijicon RMR Mount AC32060 - $50 for either. Photo Link
  3. PSA A2 Style Mil-spec Furniture; Buttstock, Corncob Handguard, Pistol Grip - $25 Photo Link
  4. Magpul MBUS Set - $70 Photos
I take PayPal G&S, will issue invoice to an email and pay shipping to lower 48.
Detailed Item Descriptions:
UTG Pro 12" Carbine Extended Quad Rail w/ FSB Cutout. Airsoft jokes aside, this is a really decent rail, perfectly functional and in great cosmetic condition. Formerly on a 16" Carbine with FSB, saw about 250 rds. Heavy but sturdy handguard with all the space for all your toys. Also has attached Magpul XTM Grip Panels (8 total), Magpul Pic QD Sling attachment and a 1" Pic Flashlight Clamp (unbranded) then finished with Magpul Ladder Rail Covers (~3) to cover all bare rails. Asking $105 shipped.
PSA Detachable Carry Handle with Trijicon RMR Mount, sweet to combine with some mil spec furniture (below!) for the classic M4 look. Great height for NODs or generally not craning your neck. The handle/rear sight covers the whole top rail, holds zero, and works w/ cutout in the mount; its a solid system. Asking $100, or $50 each.
PSA A2 Style Milspec Furniture; complete furniture package gives your delta-ring AR the 'M4' look. Asking $20 added to above or $25 alone.
Magpul MBUS Set; self explanatory, almost new, perfectly functional. Asking $70.
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2021.11.29 21:39 crafterproductionsyt free $30 in quest store credit for new quest 2 users

So apparently oculus has put out a new deal where new users who haven't activated their headset can enter a referral code from someone and both users will get $30 of store credit. My code still has all of its uses left so if you are picking up a headset for the holidays be sure to use this link for some free money for both of us https://www.oculus.com/referrals/link/FireCrafter4920/
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2021.11.29 21:39 tglife50 🔥 Verify Is Paying BNB Dividends to Holders!!! 🔥 Unique & Needed Use Case With Huge Potential 💎 Enormous Growth Potential With Small Market Cap!! 💎 Featured on Every HackRead Article For The Next Week!! 🚀

What separates Verify from the rest of the crypto projects that are currently launching? A unique and needed use case. Verify Lens is not a gimmick and it will help each and every investor in various ways!
Let me introduce you to the ICO of 2021, VerifyToken! You’re probably wondering what makes Verify different than all of these other shilled posts, so allow me explain.
Cryptocurrency crimes rose by 1,000% in the last year alone! According to the FTC, consumers lost at least 80 million dollars as a result. Guess who the consumers are…us. And, nobody is stepping up to protect ‘us’ so there is a clear need for what Verify is doing!
Verify is bringing full transparency to the crypto market. The utility behind Verify is Verify Lens. It is a cloud-based dashboard that will gather data on defi projects—new and old—to aid the investor in making a more informed decision. The dashboard is currently under development. We will be using our own API’s to communicate with API's from multiple sources to answer your typical DYOR questions. On top of that, users will be able to check audits and doxxed devs, label wallets, track wallet movements, and get a security rating for any project—and more! Our algorithms will create confidence scores for every project so you can make more informed investment decisions. With so many people being scammed daily in BSC (some of us included), we believe this will be a powerful tool to educate investors and deter scammers.
Doesn’t that sound like a much-needed service? And you can get in on it early! Join our Telegram to get the details about how you can purchase!!!!
At this point, you probably want to head over to our website to learn more about Verify Lens and see our timeline—hope to see you soon!
(Boring but necessary and important stuff):
✔️ Doxxed & experienced team
✔️ Team is available around the clock for questions
✔️ Active community
✔️ Tokenomics with philanthropy
10% Sell tax
💥 2% Research and Development
💥 2% Charity
💥 2% Liquidity
💥 2% Burn
6% Buy Tax
💥 2% R&D
💥 1% Liquidity
💥 1% Charity
💥 1% Burn
Get in touch with us:
Now on Discord as of today
…and of course VerifyToken
Come check out our Verify Family! You don’t want to miss this!
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2021.11.29 21:39 C0L0SSUSvdm ~$850 GameDev PC

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
FPS games (Halo, Apex Legends, CSGO, Battlefield) 3D Modeling in Blender, Unity, UE5 and streaming to Twitch
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Everything but the Monitor
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Texas, USA, no
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
AW2518HF Monitor with Nvidia Gsync (if thats important)
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
I'd like an SSD for the games and OS but just a regular HDD for everything else
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
I have a Cat9 Cable
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
no preference, I have plenty of space
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Yes, no preference
Extra info or particulars:
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2021.11.29 21:39 thehiddenviolet those whiskers, though

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2021.11.29 21:39 Thetimmybaby He's #1 in most negative job growth!

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2021.11.29 21:39 Master-Fact5095 Chevy owners of Reddit, what made you come out?

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2021.11.29 21:39 evilweevil2004 Dark Harbor (NPC Claim)

Where: Dark harbor is on the drifting body of a dead sea monster, roughly in this vicinity.
Geography: Dark Harbor exists in the horrible expanse of the eldritch ocean, on a dead sea monster locally known as The Napharat. The Nepharat floats adrift worryingly close to a whirlpool, though it never seems to get fully sucked in and seems to somehow be shielded from the worst of its effects. Due to some unknowable reason, sunlight never reaches Dark Harbor. As you approach the corpse of the monster, a shadowy vail envelopes you, slowly blocking out the sun entirely. The actual “landmass” of Dark Harbor is approximately 100 square kilometers in size. In shape, the “landmass” is much longer than it is wide, with a bulge close to the front where it is wider and higher than the rest. The surface of The Napharat is rough, solid, and consistent with the occasional tall spine sprouting from the ground like a hair. The Harbor is occasionally assailed by sea born storms, and even when not in a full storm, there is usually at least a small drizzle present.
Biology/Ethnicity: No species is native to Dark Harbor, instead a myriad of peoples have settled there, primarily among them, humans. You can find castaways and runaways from just about every species there. Those that were born on The Napharat often suffer from a lack of pigmentation and frail bodies. Much of this can be accounted for by the lack of sunlight and the poor diet of those living in Dark Harbor, although those not from the harbor never quite reach the same level as those who are. This can often make newcomers uncomfortable, but the difference in level of strength also makes locals feel uneasy, leading to a mutual distrust.
History: The history of Dark Harbor begins with an explorer named Joshua Hathorne about 250 years ago. Back then only mad men sailed the waves at all, much less in the unknown horrors of the deep ocean. Finding himself on The Napharat after running from some unspeakable thing, he did little to stave off accusations of insanity by immediately declaring it to be paradise. He began to use what little resources he had left to construct a home for him and his family. After the crew mutinied due to lack of food, he became stranded on The Napharat. When his crew made it back to shore, they told everyone what they had found. Many explorers wishing to find what drove Hathorne to such madness, and those who were simply curious, loaded onto boats, believing that The Napharat was simply an island, and expecting to find a dead Joshua Hathorne when they arrived. Instead, they found him alive, having managed to survive by prying open the ground and eating the flesh of The Napharat. From there the legend of The Napharat grew, and soon the small town of Dark Harbor was founded.
Society: The people of Dark Harbor mostly keep to themselves, not wanting to interact much with outsiders. A certain amount of trade is necessary since Dark Harbor is lacking many vital resources, but that is mostly handled by outside traders who come to Dark Harbors for it’s unique substances. However, only the most dedicated of traders ever dare the journey, and the goods acquired from Dark Harbor have an incredibly niche clientele. The way many of the traders account for these occupational hazards is by charging exorbitant rates from the locals. This has caused most outside resources to be of very poor quality.
The Society of Dark Harbor is roughly divided in two; the “Natives”, people whose families have been in Dark Harbor for many generations, and the newcomers, people who have not been on The Napharat for more than a generation or two. The natives are incredibly xenophobic, having the least amount of contact with outsiders as possible. They generally resent the newcomers on account of them existing, but tolerate them as they can handle most necessary contact with complete outsiders. The newcomers are a much less homogeneous group, consisting of refugees and runaways with nowhere else to go, as well as “eldritch tourists” who usually only stay a couple of months before they grow bored. In general this group also only tolerates the other, usually finding them creepy. The Natives usually live towards the center of The Napharat, whereas the newcomers generally live along the coast.
In terms of government, there is none. The natives rule themselves via large, generally inbred, family structures. As for the newcomers, groups that arrived together generally self govern as well, and for those who arrived alone, there are a few small street gangs that they either need to join or avoid.
Culture: Belief in a benevolent higher power is a hard sell when confronted with constant reminders of the unimaginable horrors of the ocean, and thus many of the newcomers hold no religious persuasion. Though many as well hold firm to whatever religion they held before, usual groups of refugees who are still able to hold together a group identity. Among the Natives, there is a constant fear and reverence toward the ocean itself. There are many strange, but mostly harmless, rituals that they practice in order to appease the ocean and the beings that preside over it. There have been rumors of Sapient sacrifice, but they are just that, rumors… probably. There is also a general belief amongst the natives that Dark Harbor is somehow paradise.
As far as food is concerned, most newcomers eat dried and canned food bought from traders as well as fish. The natives however, eat almost exclusively the flesh of The Napharat. Work in Dark Harbor mostly consists of mining The Napharat, done mostly by the natives, trading, fishing, and manually creating things.
There is little to no electricity in Dark Harbor, and technology in general is lacking. Most buildings in dark harbor are made entirely of wood, with the tallest being built on the spines protruding out from The Napharat. The largest building in Dark Harbor lies at its very center, and at its highest point, the Hathorne Family Home. This Home also serves as a massive lighthouse, which casts its light across Dark Harbor, although much of it gets blocked by the many other buildings which cast long shadows across the town.
Occurrence of Magic: Magic is quite taboo in Dark Harbor. Even groups of newcomers who come from magic accepting societies shun it here. There is a collective fear that the magic here is somehow wrong, not all magic, just the magic used in Dark Harbor. Magic users feel this fear most acutely, as even magic users who have just arrived feel sick at even the idea of casting. This fear does not appear to be substantiated, as the few times it is cast, there does not seem to be any adverse effects beyond the terror of anyone nearby. However people nearby to castings do tend to suffer from unusual nightmares the following nights, with some reports of disappearances…
Some native rituals involve magic, however it is only performed by extremely experienced and respected members of the native community.
Imports: Cheap wood and other building materials, dried and canned food, limited luxury and manufactured goods.
Exports: The flesh of The Napharat and other things extracted from it, novelty items.
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2021.11.29 21:39 DeadlierZebra56 Wide body kit

I’m looking to put a wide body kit on my car (2011 genesis couple) but I’m not sure where to look and what’s a reputable brand vs a scam. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.11.29 21:39 LuxoLuke Creepy Demon Thing, Me, Pencil

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2021.11.29 21:39 Outrageous-Mood910 Looking for manager. I have more experience than others. My last manager sell his account for some reasons. I can grind 200 SLP or more. It depends on the team and this my previous MMR, BBP line up(BIRD,BEAST,PLANT) .

Looking for manager. I have more experience than others. My last manager sell his account for some reasons. I can grind 200 SLP or more. It depends on the team and this my previous MMR, BBP line up(BIRD,BEAST,PLANT) . submitted by Outrageous-Mood910 to AxieScholarshipsPH [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 21:39 fujiframe XF 70-300mm + X-T4

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2021.11.29 21:39 hawk9698 ✌️

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2021.11.29 21:39 ProduceAggravating67 🤤

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2021.11.29 21:39 tonguetiedsleepyeyed I’ve been playing for four years…

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2021.11.29 21:39 salmonraindrop Rare misprint/mispackage?

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2021.11.29 21:39 vllavi9 Hot4Lexi ❤️ CHECK COMMENTS FOR HER NEW UPDATED CONTENT 👇

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2021.11.29 21:39 Henryduckr76 My headset won’t let me make boundary’s

Whenever I try to make a boundaries it just immediately goes to a black screen with a message that says, “return to the play area” than when I try to make a new boundary it immediately goes back to the black screen
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2021.11.29 21:39 Skittlewhisperer Oweynagat Cave - Believed by Ancient Celts to be "Ireland's Gate to The Otherworld"..

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