7ysft 9dyif 4hs6y 9hrsn 59nai d3k4n b29y7 st9b6 f5d22 2z7bd h7b27 n4z3t 95f8k br7as 4fi67 8tt6z zdt34 rdta5 bazh9 8ir6k 7yyfr Can anybody explain what all these cellular data options my phone has are? |

Can anybody explain what all these cellular data options my phone has are?

2021.11.29 20:04 DottyTrottin Can anybody explain what all these cellular data options my phone has are?

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2021.11.29 20:04 Rudolph13 [Artwork] The Legion of Super-Heroes by George Perez

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2021.11.29 20:04 ScottishMarxist Blind drunk in a monastery

I was doing a needle in a haystack and decided to sneak out and take some things out of the chest with all the stuff in my inventory, including some spirits, so I waited til nights and got blind drunk, woke up in ledetchko, need to get back by 4 or I fail the quest
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2021.11.29 20:04 Justmattyb Terrakion on me 3926 2529 0988

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2021.11.29 20:04 Moon_Back21 The system is broke somewhere I swear.

You know I've came to realize a lot this past 5 month. People think just because someone is "homeless" or living out of a motel with their 4 children like myself is because we just stop paying our bills, or because we didn't try hard enough or we have to be on drugs...I used to be one of those people but since my uncle took his life this year and the only home my children have known (for 14 years) was sold. I've asked for help a max of 3 times and each time I'm shot down because I don't met Income guidelines or because I don't have an actual address being homeless isn't just a enough. It doesn't matter if you can prove everything and have all they are asking. I sucked my pride up and went and asked for food assistance and it was denied because I was over the income guideline by $8.00. 8 whole dollars lol I'm not saying the ones that have it don't need it but heck I'd get more help if I was on drugs and just walked away from my house and job. I mean come on We are trying like heck to find a home and still make sure our Basic, bare minimum daily needs at met. It's just not fair at all. I don't mean to sound ungrateful UT we are drowning in Debt our car barely starts when it's cold. I can barley keep food in this room and now Christmas and two birthday next month lol I felt better writing this out tho so I guess there is that 🤣🤣 I will never judge another person in my dang life
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2021.11.29 20:04 Christopherfromtheuk The 9 propellers and 3 prop shafts of what was once the fastest boat in the world: Turbinia. [OC]

The 9 propellers and 3 prop shafts of what was once the fastest boat in the world: Turbinia. [OC] submitted by Christopherfromtheuk to boating [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 20:04 Connect_Stay_137 How do you like you're pizza rolls cooked?

View Poll
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2021.11.29 20:04 Direct_Suggestion908 Como eu diferencio uma bala boa de uma bala ruim??

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2021.11.29 20:04 kanthas a² + b² = c²

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2021.11.29 20:04 Curious_Cut_707 STONKS | 🚀10 Days Old 🚀 | $200k MCap 📈 | Ads 7/24 Live 🚀| 620 holders | Be early in the next 1000x moonshot 🚀

We want to present you a new meme coin - 📈 StonksCoin 📈- FIRST MEME COIN WITH REAL FEATURES!🚀
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StonksCoin started 24 hours go by stealth launch. It's 100% community token. Right now we are focusing on marketing and soon we are going to be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
🎯 Our main goal - STONKS - decentralized contracts for different market
Our ultimate goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem which allows you to decide about freehold in a free and unlimited way, regardless of internal or external motivations without any kind of intermediary or third party. At the first stage, we created a Stonks token, a symbol of free financial decisions (you do not always need to be professional, you have a fundamental right to be wrong). Second stage - this year - we will build dApp which will allow you to set stop loss & take profit orders on PancakeSwap & Uniswap. The final target is to create a decentralized prediction market where you can bet your STONKS tokens on future outcomes. You will be able to put a wager on a variety of events chosen by you - economical (stock prices and indexes), along with political and sport outcomes.
Join our community, keep in touch with the latest news and just enjoy and create the memes:
🖥 Telegram @StonksCoinBsc 🎰 Contract address: 0x52fd0db7597c332c0d3449a35f03625d881c3117
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♻️ Taxes
📌 Buy tax: 10% 📌 Sell tax: 10%
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 26.11.2021
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2021 Q4
⚙️ Initial Dex Offering - ✅Done ✅ 👨🏼 300 holders - ✅Done ✅ 💵 At least 150k mcap - ✅Done ✅ 📎 Whitepaper v1 - ✅Done ✅
✍️ Coin market Cap & Coingecko Listings - ⚙️in progress
💰1m mcap - ⚙️ in progress 💡Idea development - ⚙️in progress 🔧 Buildining development team - ⚙️in progress
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2022 Q2
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2022 Q3
⚡️STONKS.app live on mainnet ⭐️1b mcap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It's only the beginning
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2021.11.29 20:04 seadt 🐶 Shiba Gamer 🛹 | 💻 Most ICED Doge on the Street | ⚖️ Fair Launch Tomorrow | 🚀 6-Man Strong Team with experience in marketing, project management and development | Strong Connection in the Crypto Space | GET ON BOARD

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🔥 Anti-bot and anti-whale measures
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💰 8% Rewards in BUSD
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📢 4% Marketing
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What’s special about this contract?
Special about this contract is first of all the massive 8% dividends but also our airdrop feature. Both of these features are great gifts for especially early holders who will have a free increase in their token supply which further adds on to their $BUSD dividends!
$SHIBAGAMER Useful links:
🎙 TG: https://t.me/Shiba_Gamer
🌐 Website: https://shibagamer.finance/
🐦 Twitter account : TBA
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2021.11.29 20:04 nomad322100 Depositing money to crypto.com - Unusual delay

So I always deposit between 100 to 200$ into my crypto.com app account every week. Last Friday morning I did like I always do but it's been more than 72 hours and nothing. I've tried to reach out to them via their app and I just got an automated message. Do you guys have had any issues like this lately? Btw, I'm from Canada transferring CAD
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2021.11.29 20:04 SupremeKappa Just got banned from matchmaking when the game disconnected me, even though it rejoined me immediately and I played to the end of the match!

Just got banned from matchmaking when the game disconnected me, even though it rejoined me immediately and I played to the end of the match! submitted by SupremeKappa to halo [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 20:04 NathanBlaze11 anyone received 1099 from Cashapp last year?

Beside OF, I also sell worn items on the side and most of my transactions happened through cashapp. I wonder if anyone here did the same and received a 1099 from Cashapp? How much did it trigger 1099 and how did you file it? Thank you!
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2021.11.29 20:04 HumanEvidence577 Can we talk about how a lot of women as individuals who “willingly” participate in the sex trade do it because they feel they have no other talents.

Some young women feel hopeless. They feel they are not good at STEM or learning new languages or even creative arts that women are supposed to be good at. Even being a housewife seems like a bad idea bc they can’t cook, or aren’t good with children. This class of young women has existed since the beginning of time. They are vulnerable to being groomed by any kind of love and encouragement a pimp pretends to give. They believe the only thing they will ever be payed for is their body, unaware or ready to brush of the risks with the promise of money to survive. I saw a post like this on Twitter a 20 year old woman who does porn said along the lines of “I’ve always been seen as a whore by the world so I decided to show them they’re right and get money of it whilst doing so.” It’s depresses me and I feel like we need more support for vulnerable people so they don’t feel like their body is a commodity.
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2021.11.29 20:04 AllanBurns [PreBuilt] HP Gaming PC TG01-2285t w/ CPU - i7-117700 2.5-4.9 GHz, GPU - RTX 3060 12GB, RAM - 16 GB 2933 MHz, M.2 SSD - 256 GB, HDD - 2TB 7200rpm SATA, PSU - 500 W Gold, Network - Integrated 10/100/1000 GbE LAN, Wireless Tech - $1079.99 w/ promo code: HOLIDAY10

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2021.11.29 20:04 Forty2Sydney My gf(27f) is mad at me (25f) for a covid issue

Hello redditors,
So my gf bought tickets for a concert of an artist that I like for this Saturday. The thing is that my sister told me today that she wants to visit me and my family on Saturday for a week or so and, because she is pregnant and afraid of COVID, she asked me to be careful (something that I would’ve done anyway for her). I told my gf that I can’t risk getting the virus and transmitting it to my sister. I explained how concerned we are because of the pregnancy and that I will have to cancel the plans due to that. She got extremely mad, lashed out on me and asked me not to text her again for the rest of the day.
I wonder whether I am wrong for feeling so unheard and disrespected. I would like to sort things out with her, but I feel like she won’t admit a fault, since she even blamed me for not accepting her opinion on that being irrational. What do you think of this?
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2021.11.29 20:04 Gorrdon Adidas Cyber Monday Sale

40% off with code CYBERMONDAY online at Adidas.ca
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2021.11.29 20:04 Galwaygirl1992 Computershare is my savings account

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2021.11.29 20:04 Ashamed_Seaweed8084 Where do i start reading?

I know the anime is coming out weekly but i wanna just read ahead. so 1. what chapter do i start reading 2. is the manga different from the anime
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2021.11.29 20:04 Faenix_Wright that tumblr ban is in full swing

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2021.11.29 20:04 faragooli Banned

I am selling/trading/buying alloy wheels daily, usually with like 25 active ads. Or at least I used to.
I randomly got banned, reached out for support. First 3 e-mail told me that they haven't found any issues and I will be able to use marketplace. After that I had a message that I can not use marketplace and that is the final decision. Without any warning nor reasoning.
I tried to contact support again and what I received is that they can't do any further steps regarding me.
I tried making new account just to use it for groups and marketplace but in a few hours it got banned. Oh and also I can use my personal profile just can't access marketplace but the new account totally got banned.

Is there any chance that I will get my access back ? If yes, how ? Right now I really need to get back to marketplace, if anyone could say me something about this situation I would really appreciate it!
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2021.11.29 20:04 shenanigans2day Communication

Communication is always needed, but it is not what is actually the most important. You can communicate all you want, but without comprehension, then it’s fruitless. Without someone actually understanding what you are communicating, then you aren’t going to get very far. This is where so many people get it wrong. If they don’t have the ability to truly comprehend, then this is where the discussion ends. I’m tired of repeating myself.
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2021.11.29 20:04 cbvv1992 🔥60% Off Code – $2.23 Women's Initial Heart Necklace

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2021.11.29 20:04 azscram9 Nicole Kidman Vogue, September 2003 © Helmut Newton

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