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2021.10.27 16:41 Sejr44 Ananásek

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2021.10.27 16:41 WhatDid-I-Just-Read ELI5 UK: how are mortgage rates so low?

ELI5: so in the UK you can fix a mortgage for five years right now at an annual interest rate of less than 1%. Inflation is due to hit 3-4%.
Banks aren't in the habit of being charitable, so how do they make money from this???
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2021.10.27 16:41 Best-Emu-8593 Searching for an old webcomic

I’m searching for an old web comic that I don’t remember the name of. I temper it being about 2 female cops and being a comedy however I don’t remember the name.
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2021.10.27 16:41 PoorImmigrantInvests Is OZSC your worst investment ever? Down 50% , I don’t think I ever been this red in one single stock in my portfolio

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2021.10.27 16:41 Deep_Ferret3825 bags

so my parents got me a fanny pack/crossbody for the festival, but I don't want it bouncing around with my camelbak, because that was bad enough at smf this year. This is only my second festival, so I was curious if anyone has ever brought both and been annoyed by two bags bouncing around
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2021.10.27 16:41 Whey-Men Love in Quarantine: Sexting, Stress, and Coping During the COVID-19 Lockdown

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2021.10.27 16:41 juniiorroyal darkrai on me, please be online

2158 0435 2531
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2021.10.27 16:41 AlexanderJames06 I came across this video

I came across this video while I was looking for some answers about my results. Does anyone have any input?
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2021.10.27 16:41 OMaxi48 dont tell me

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2021.10.27 16:41 andrusbaun Propozycja nowego godła. Jak myślicie, ile pieniędzy będzie kosztować jego wymiana we wszystkich szkołach/urzędach i ile pieniążków ktoś nieprzypadkowy na tym zarobi? :)

Propozycja nowego godła. Jak myślicie, ile pieniędzy będzie kosztować jego wymiana we wszystkich szkołach/urzędach i ile pieniążków ktoś nieprzypadkowy na tym zarobi? :) submitted by andrusbaun to Polska [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 16:41 memes-taste-nice idk if this is the right place to post but they have the same jp va so i made this 🙏💯

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2021.10.27 16:41 ohwowathrowaway- Gifts for your SO's Immediate Family?

This will be the second Christmas that my SO and I will be experiencing as a couple. I feel like, this time around, since I will be seeing him in person sometime soon after Christmas, I'd like to bring some gifts for a few of his family members.
I've met them all a few times, but I'm not close enough to any of them to know specific things that each individual would like, so I'm looking for some ideas for things that could be a little more universally liked and appreciated.
Right now, I'm thinking fudge (I normally make a double batch just for my own family each year, so I might be making a quadruple batch this year to cover both of our families, haha!) and a couple other things, which is where I'm lacking ideas.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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2021.10.27 16:41 cyrilio These RCs are NOW ILLEGAL in the Netherlands: 3-MMC, Etizolam, diclazepam, flualprazolam alfa-PHP, and more (see post)

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2021.10.27 16:41 RatchetIsScratching [PC] Apocalypse 31 | Deerisle | 50kStart | PVP | BBP | Helis | Weapons100+ | Vehicles | Guns++

About us:
This server has been worked on alot for some months now, we decided to open up in late September for all our members! We are looking to have as much as we can of the Survival Experience! For example teaming up with others and start setting up an settlement. We got sweet mods on our server, good enough to actually play on this server for a longer time than you usually do. We have FRIENDLY STAFF in our discord that is always willing to help others in need or if you just have any tip/idea for our server ! If you decide to join us then make sure you swing by our rules in our discord!
I hope to see you in-game soon !
Discord: https://discord.gg/KMCmrMt7Ke
Server name: Apocalypse 31 |DEERISLE|PVP|50K|LOOT+|KEYCARDS|HELIS|BBP|Guns++
Server IP:
If you bring 2 friends to the server we will reward you with 15K in-game.
• Server map: DeerIsle
• 50K Starter cash to get you on feet
• 24/7 Raiding With C4
• Fully PVP & PVE
• Weekly Events !
• Third Person (3PP) & First Person (1PP)
• Increased Animals
• Survivor Missions (MHz 99.7)
• Boosted Loot +
• BBP+ / MoreDoors / Codelock
• Helicopters & Helicopter traders
• Modded Vehicles
• Drugs+ & Cannabis+
• 100+ Weapons and different gear!
• VanillaPlusMap
• Select where you want to spawn!
• Airdrops Upgraded
• Advanced Banking
• Player Banking & Clan Banking
• Party System & Clan System
• Trader Mod With custom Areas
• BreachingCharge Raiding
• In-Game Rewards
• Items Resize
• Inventory ++
• Zuens Utility
• Dbo surfaces
• & Much More !
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2021.10.27 16:41 endi1122 A new bottle with a vintage taste.

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2021.10.27 16:41 KRandSplatoonFan5 Such a neat day-before b-day gift to receive at Fulton Center today. These stickers are pretty dope!

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2021.10.27 16:41 MysticSkiesGaming What's one insignificant thing you are furious about?

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2021.10.27 16:41 OneDistance9786 Looks like they thought we are a joke!

I think that big push came from people testing the waters to see if we would panic. Joke is on them. Congrats you sent us back to our newest ATH. Hope your experiment was worth it!!!!
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2021.10.27 16:41 ZeldLurr Do black characters interact with other black characters outside of romance, family, or racist plot lines?

What got me thinking about this is Chante and Marisol are shown being in the power squad at the same time in the same seasons, yet they never speak to each other or are even in the same scenes. Each goes on a date with a closeted Riley.
Let’s go through the characters.
I’ll start with Chante because she was in the most seasons. She dates Danny. She talks with Dave, her cousin. Otherwise, she doesn’t interact Jimmy, Liberty, Damien, Connor, Julien, or Hazel. It’s especially wierd she doesn’t interact with Hazel because they were both on Power Squad. They’re never even shown at practice together.
Jimmy dates Hazel. Talks with Griffin in one episode. Otherwise doesn’t interact with Chante, Liberty, Danny, or Damien.
Liberty had romances with Towerz and Damien. Danny is her brother. Had a black pledge sister who gets cut because racism. Doesn’t interact with Chante, Hazel, or Jimmy.
Danny dates Chante and How-To video assignment girl. Liberty is his sister. Otherwise, no interaction with Jimmy or Damien. I think Danny attends Dave & Moose’s fight?
Connor has an episode with Dallas, the theme is getting pulled over for being black. He dances with the girl who likes Risk. Otherwise, no interaction with other black characters.
Dallas dated his baby momma. Gets flirted with by Shay. Has racism episode with Connor.
Marisol… doesn’t interact with anyone black? Am I wrong?
Shay dates Tiny. Flirts with Dallas. I don’t know NC well so please inform me of anything that happens in NC.
Tiny dates Shay. Is brothers with Vince.
Does Degrassi have an issue with having two black characters on screen at the same time, unless it’s for romantic, family, or tackling a poorly handled racism plot?
An example of two white characters outside of romance or family would be Paige and Ellie’s friendships/rivalry. Johnny and Toby’s rivalry.
Or even something minute like Clare and Katie sporadically interacting.
I just find it ridiculous that in all the years Chante attended Degrassi she only interacts with two other black people, her boyfriend and her cousin.
Coach Armstrong talks with the students, but he talks with all the students, and it’s not a peer to peer interaction.
TLDR Black Degrassi students don’t talk to each other.
Thoughts? Anything I might have missed or have incorrect?
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2021.10.27 16:41 RegularAMH She's not interested in being a bodyguard

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2021.10.27 16:41 DISANews Breakthrough infections can lead to long COVID; genes may explain critical illness in young, healthy adults

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2021.10.27 16:41 Second-Place My shrimptank. Need to replace one plant for a fast growing one because of algea. Advice appreciated!

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2021.10.27 16:41 ToriiLink Do I really want this promotion?!

TL:DR - Worked warehouse for 2 years, sales for a month, mobile for a month, now everyone wants me in warehouse senior position. Would I be stupid to turn it down?
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2021.10.27 16:41 SPAZ707 Following the Marvel NFT collaboration, VeVe just announced its next partnership with Disney!

There are so many projects with no utility yet here's VeVe making it VERY easy for non crypto people to get involved buying officially licensed NFTs on iOS/Android with a credit card. When VeVe takes off, new users can easily figure out how VeVe works and this is huge for adoption. I have many coworkers who knows nothing about crypto, but they get excited for new VeVe drops and I can see the potential clearly.
They have been acquiring licenses for NFTs since the start and their efforts are finally paying off with these new partnerships like Diney. If you are not aware Diney has one of the largest fanbase/collectors and VeVe is the only place for them to get involved rn.
Also the popular personal finance YouTuber, Andrei Jikh, with almost 2M subs is a major supporter of VeVe as he mentioned in his today's tweet: https://twitter.com/andreijikh/status/1453203629180002307?t=Pbv_w88i8K9Sv0aAr5u1VQ&s=19
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2021.10.27 16:41 flyboyanthony BACK 4 BLOOD - PART 2

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