Thomas Downes was not a good man

2021.10.27 16:02 EOkamiWolf Thomas Downes was not a good man

Ok, a real unpopular opinion here, but I can’t accept Thomas as a good man considering how he was the cause of his family’s downfall. I know that Arthur comes to collect what little the Downes have left, who places that family into debt? Not the gang that’s for sure. It can also be assumed that Thomas was already in tremendous debt before the gang arrives, considering he states that he “already owes more [money] than it’s [the house] is worth”. Thomas Downes’ commitment to helping those who need it led him to borrowing more money than he could pay back, and then borrowing from dangerous criminals, who finally forced his family out of their home, his son into the mines, and his wife into prostitution. Arthur didn’t ruin the Downes’ lives, Thomas Downes did, who placed his self assigned responsibility to the downtrodden above his own family, who suffered from his excessive altruism. And yea, his family may have encouraged this lifestyle, and honestly that just makes them all culpable. I’m not saying Thomas Downes was a bad man, but fuck, his charity caused just as much suffering as he relieved.
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2021.10.27 16:02 NiccDev Wanting to learn programming, looking for an good game engine

I've used unity for a few days and I'm sick of it+I've seen a lot reviews saying it is indeed bad.
For the past few days i've tried making a simple pong type game just to familiarize myself to programming, yet I've failed, a lot. Mainly due to being overwhelmed and confused because of Unities programming being always changed (resulting to outdated guides), UI not being user friendly and just giving off the vibe that the developers themselves don't know what they're doing.
My final goal is making a planet terraform/city builder type game but I'm starting with a small project like simple arcade games (like pong) and working my way up to bigger and bigger projects
Anyone have any ideas on which engine I should switch to make the above said game+honing my knowledge with game development
I Appreaciate all help!
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2021.10.27 16:02 osi07 Pi-Hole not blocking sites adult sites

Hello all,
After doing some research on how to block adult content I decided to install Pi-hole. I purchase a raspberry PI 4 and even added a POE hat to it. much cleaner when placed on the home rack.
After spending 2 days trying to figure out how to change the DNS in the Unifi Dream machine I notice all my machines were pointing to Pi-hole DNS.
I wanted to test my machine to make sure it was working fine. I went to an adult site and it came right up. I almost got busted by the wife hahaha.
I went into the interface and did a query search and did find the site being blocked. Now I'm a little confused about why it's not working. I even uninstalled it and started all over again.
Below is what the query list came back with.

Match found in exact blacklist
[i] Over 100 results found for pornhub
This can be overridden using the -all option
Match found in exact blacklist
[i] Over 100 results found for pornhub
This can be overridden using the -all option

Still won't block the site. Is there something I am missing or something.
I even added other sites "adlist" I found online. If anyone could help that would be awesome!
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2021.10.27 16:02 summerpeachxox Happy Halloween from Lilo

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2021.10.27 16:02 the_realspyderman Streak 12, I too had a love story

Hello everyone!
I was in 12th standard and i was weak in Economics subject so i thought of joining a coaching center to practice it more.
It was around Christmas and it was freezing cold. I was in the coaching center and listening to my teacher. All of sudden, her fragrance reach to me, it was quite unique. I heard a voice, greetings to teacher. I strain my neck to determine to the direction where the voice came. Wheat-complexioned with high cheekbones and a small sharp nose, long black hair tied in a braid, dressed white top and blue jeans, chewing gum in her mouth and a notebook in her hand. I suddenly corrected my hair and cleaned the moist from my face with handkerchief, I had never felt this insecure before. She looked at me with no expressions and I felt my lips moving but didn't say anything, tried to smile but I was struggling to do so. Before i could react anything she turned and sit on a bench.
She was there for next hour batch and i suddenly felt that i was weak in Math too(i was not). I joined the math classes next day. Her name was Ashi.
To be continued..
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2021.10.27 16:02 Grimmelkin I really wanted to draw Zenobia.

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2021.10.27 16:02 NoneYallB_9898 The future look of every fitfluencer when IG is no longer relevant and they’re unemployed (first post deleted??)

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2021.10.27 16:02 isaabean43 ⚜️

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2021.10.27 16:02 arcanum4000 Fasten your seatbelts we are about to go to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.10.27 16:02 TinyMito I am curious how much power it is feeding from MBP13 to MBP14.

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2021.10.27 16:02 SwitchedToLinux Introduction to Gimp Image Editor: Workspace Setup

Todya we will look at setting up a GIMP workspace to have a better understanding of how to use GIMP and get everything setup. Here we will look at the theming, panel management, keyboard shortcuts, and setting a default image template.
#GIMP #ImageEditor #Photoshop
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2021.10.27 16:02 PerformanceLoud3229 [Request] How big would a 149 lb turkey be?

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2021.10.27 16:02 RefugeeDutch_Syrian A new crypto project calling itself 'worldcoin' wants to do iris scans on 1 billion people to speed up adoption of crypto currencies

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2021.10.27 16:02 ticaret İkinci El Renault Latitude Fiyatları | Sahibinden Satılık İkinci El Satışı Fiyatları ❣️

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2021.10.27 16:02 Zachgry95 Hurt eye - don't know what to do

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2021.10.27 16:02 Anteater_eats_ants PSA: sheathing weapon removes friendly player collision.

Title, seen alot of people unaware this exist, don't think it works in war, haven't tested on hostile players.
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2021.10.27 16:02 DucklingInARaincoat We’re crashing, with style.

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2021.10.27 16:02 minitou1 bakrimel bolts

Hello ppl,
I just want to warn everybody thats doing bakrimel bolts ,if you get pkt in the wildy you DO LOSE you're quivre even with item protect on.
I dont know if it's a bug or new policy at jagex but be warned !!!!
love mini
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2021.10.27 16:02 SoyTixie UwU

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2021.10.27 16:02 Mrs_Wonho Curious to know how you guys discovered IF?

I found out about IF when I was looking at videos on YouTube about how to reduce bloating. My second or third recommended video was from Dr. Jason Fung and I've never looked back. Probably will keep this for the rest of my life. I've been doing it for 3ish months.
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2021.10.27 16:02 DoctorVemina A little WIP art piece with my ripped natural fingernail glued on. =,)

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2021.10.27 16:02 ottomatic94 [WTB] Waterproof Bike Pannier

There is no bike stuff gear trade so I decided to try my luck here. anyone have an old bike pannier? I was thinking Ortlieb but those are hella expensive. 20+ Liter volume and ideally not black.
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2021.10.27 16:02 void_crusher feedback pleas

maybe sometimes there would be wrote voice instead of Cole because it's translated from another language also there was line breaks in the original so no need to say anything about this

Hi. "A girl standing next to me, tried to grab my attention." Wants to make an alliance with us. "She pointed to another boy. "Yes." Answered Cole in my place. "Cole." I pulled Cole aside. "How will you know we can trust them." "They are my friends, even from before I got to the chaos dimension." "Okay, I hope you can trust them." "Good enough with the arrangements, go settle in the woods, the competition will start in about ten minutes!" Bella shouted from the other side of the room. The walk to the forest was quiet and pleasant: Cole told me about his friends we had made an alliance with: "They've been my friends since kindergarten, but we stopped seeing each other in fifth grade." he explained. "But when I got to the chaos dimension I was surprised to find that they also came here." Cole and I took a seat near a large group of trees so we could grab a lid. "We'll go on a back attack, you'll try to surprise them, Cole, distract them." Said Jane, (Cole's girlfriend.) And pointed to two children standing in the middle of the clearing and counting their arrows. "They are located in the clearing so they can not catch a cover." Heron explained. (Cole's friend.) "five!" A robotic voice began to count backwards until training began. "Four! Three! Two! One! Get out!" A voice stormed the children in the clearing. As Ron and Jane approach behind him. The two children went through bows and prepared to shoot, Cole through the bow as well and pretended he was going to shoot so they released the arrows, but Cole watched it and dodged them lightly. The children through him again this time tried to aim at Cole's trajectory, but Cole released the arrow and fired at the bow of one of them. His body spun from the shock that passed through the arch and left him exposed to gunfire. "now!" Ron shouted and he and Jane released their arrows. The shooting was perfect and they disqualified our two opponents. "One group was disqualified, twenty-four groups remained." Said the robotic voice. "We sculpted first!" Shouted a voice happily. "Quiet, you'll get attention." I whispered to him, "Let's move. We are completely exposed in this clearing." We continued to move towards the center of the forest, with me and Cole guarding from behind and Heron and Jane from the front. "Four pairs were disqualified, twenty-one pairs remained." We did not know how long it had been but about half an hour later an arrow whistled over my head. "Watch out!" I warned my comrade in a loud shout. A meter of arrows flew in our direction, I turned to see where the arrows were coming from but one arrow flew towards my face. Chapter 7 Cole jumped in my direction and demonstrated incredible ability and grabbed the arrow in the air. I looked aside, Jane and Heron shot at two girls with bows who fired arrows at incredible speed. The girls jumped to climb a shelter behind a tree. The four of us stepped through our arches and aimed them in the direction of the tree. "What will we do now?" Jane asked just as an arrow spun on its way to hit her in the stomach. I noticed a request for a blowjob from the tree. Cole tried to jump to catch him too but it was too late, the arrow hit Jane's belly and she folded in response. "Five pairs disqualified and twenty pairs left." "What, it's not fair. I was not disqualified." Heron complained and lowered his bow. But then the girls came out from behind the tree with GPS devices then on. "You really are not disqualified, but we are on cheating." Said the tallest of their sons. "Directional magic, to cause pressure to hit, did you really think I could aim an arrow without looking?" She lowered her head. "It's OK." Jane encouraged her to get to her feet. "There will be more opportunities." The two girls followed the map in the GPS and left us alone. "Well, we better be more careful, it's already getting dark." Said Hron. "We need to find more couples before they find us." "Six pairs were disqualified, nineteen pairs remained." Said the robotic voice. "It does not make sense that we did not find more couples. I guess there is a big alliance." Heron extended. "We need to sneak up on them and eliminate them as soon as possible, so that the alliance does not grow." I suggested. "Yes." Cole ended the discussion in a ruling voice and we started looking for them. "Wait." Jane put her hand in front of us after a minute of searching. "there is someone in there." She pointed to a boy walking around looking around. "I have an idea, you guys are waiting here. I'll sneak in his direction and execute my ingenious plan." A voice bragged. As much as I wanted to shut up, I was intrigued by his plan. "OK." I confirmed to him. Jane and Ron bent down behind a large log, while a voice crept toward the boy. I thought he shot him or something like that he just started dancing behind him. I motioned for him to concentrate. "Hey you." Cole aimed his tense bow at the boy's head. The boy turned slowly and raised his hands. "Why are you alone?" "I was looking for trees and food to build a lid." "You're in some alliance." I was glad to consider a male to ask that. "with no." The boy answered him. "Listen, I have an offer, I think there is a great alliance and if you help me defeat them I will let you go." Offered him a voice. "OK." The boy agreed and gave Cole his bow. "Wait, where's your spouse?" I asked when Jane and I were out of hiding. "The Great Alliance disqualified him. I can tell you where they are." The boy answered and led us towards the Great Alliance. "Here they are." He pointed to a shelter made of logs. "Do not worry." Jane and Heron began to approach the shelter. "now!" Jane shouted and complete chaos began. Cole and I were shocked and did not understand what Jane wanted from us, but other people seemed to understand. A boy and girl sitting in the shelter released their tense arrows. Chapter 8 "Seven pairs were disqualified, eighteen pairs remained." I heard the robotic voice as the children betrayed the alliance. "betrayal!" Shouted a girl in the shelter. And six arrows were released in the direction of the traitors, but it did not appear that the disqualification was in their plans, they dodged the arrows and wanted to hide behind a nearby rock. Suddenly understanding struck me. Jane and Heron made an alliance with two members of the Great Alliance. Cole also seemed to realize that he had started running towards the fight. Below me my bow is still hiding behind a tree, even the boy who helped us find the covenant shot at them with the bow that Cole returned to him. I recognized a boy who looked strong in the Great Alliance and assumed I had to get rid of the dangerous ones before I shot him, the shooting was perfect and hit him right in the rib, but now they knew where I was. Meanwhile the boy's arrow who helped us hit James and it fell to the floor in miserable and embarrassing pain. One of the kids fired an arrow in my direction and almost hit but I bent back and the arrow passed over me. "Ten pairs were disqualified, fifteen pairs remained." The robotic voice said. But with us, the battle is not over yet The two traitors shot another child and missed, but Hron managed to hit. Jane fired an arrow but missed because she had to dodge another, Heron fired another but it was enough to fire a lone arrow that hit Heron before he was disqualified, Cole fired two arrows and managed to eliminate the last pair in the Great Alliance. Everyone who was disqualified including Hrun looked at his GPS device and walked as the map instructed him. "Now let's take care of you." Jane walked slowly towards the boy who had helped us. "Jane, what are you doing?" I asked. "Unwanted caregiver." She stepped on the bow and shot the shoulder of the boy who helped us. "Bye Bye." She said in a snake voice. "Twenty-one pairs were disqualified, four remained." Said the robotic voice as the child was injured. "That's why I've not seen her since fifth grade." A voice whispered in my ear. I aimed a bow at her. "Why?" I asked her briefly. "Because the weak do not deserve to be with the strong." She aimed a bow at a voice, a directional voice at the boy who had betrayed the Great Covenant, who raised his hands, and the girl aimed at me. It was really possible to cut the tension with a knife. "What an interesting situation." Jane laughed. "that's it!" A voice broke and shot at the boy, so I aimed my bow at the girl and shot, Heron shot at a voice but a voice bent and a noise was heard behind us I turned around to see what happened there and noticed a boy with an arrow stuck in his thick and warm shirt, but look was wrong, I gave Jane a chance Shoot my back and get me out of the game. The arrow was cold and sharp and hit my palm so it could hurt, he had to penetrate the skin, but hurt, if it was not a real arrow I would have been injured but luckily it was not. I looked aside and saw an arrow stuck in Cole's garment and a tall girl next to him. Is out of the game. "Twenty-three pairs were disqualified, two pairs remained." I took out my GPS device but decided to stay and watch the final. Jane against the girl who sculpted Cole.
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2021.10.27 16:02 derrickmarcus Conway the Machine - 30 On My Lap b/w On Your Knees & Grimey Shit Remix (Cassette - Ltd. Cassingle)

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2021.10.27 16:02 sage6paths Hawaiian Islands From Space

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