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Las chicas de Re:Zero se visten se colegialas para el nuevo libro de ilustraciones.

Events and seminars hosted and/or organised by the IDM are indexed on the respective IDM calendars. Kindly note certain events may require an R.S.V.P or registration.

2021.10.27 16:39 Rossed-2002 Las chicas de Re:Zero se visten se colegialas para el nuevo libro de ilustraciones.

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2021.10.27 16:39 getmad420 This dog mad!!!!

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2021.10.27 16:39 notEngineered Dezarticast - Comunicare sindicală cu Radu Stochiță

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2021.10.27 16:39 movingengineer Low Cost Places for car's damaged paint (roof and hood)?

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2021.10.27 16:39 Randokidd just commented “incel alert” on the female incel sub

FemaleDatingStrategy + FemaleDatingStrategyPros getting banned speedrun any%
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2021.10.27 16:39 WootzDiadem Can we discuss the masked hoverboarder?

In case you're wondering who I'm referring to it's this fellow we've seen a surprising amount of in the Arcane teasers and trailers. It's rumored that this person will be the next ADC given that it was stated in the roadmap the next ADC was supposed to release alongside the upcoming Arcane event. There's also the similarities between the design of their hoverboard and the initial ADC teaser. While we know next to nothing about this person I've discerned some possibilities from their design and teasers and I'd just like to discuss.

First off, in the second ADC teaser there is a piece of scratch paper that seems to depict Blitzcrank's head in the lower left hand corner. Necrit mentioned this in one of his videos and honestly I'd be inclined to disregard this if not for the fact the champion is implied to use electricity. I don't know Blitzcrank lore, but given his kit I think it's possible that the ADC's source of power is similar to if not the same as Blitzcrank's. This raises the question if the ADC has based their work off Blitzcrank? Have they stolen something from Blitzcrank, or even Viktor?

I also think it's likely that the ADC is related to Ekko in some way. The ADC utilizes a hoverboard while we know from True Genius and the Dropboarder LoR card) that Ekko is a hoverboard enthusiast. Additionally we know that Ekko has befriend Chireans while the ADC seemingly fights alongside Chireans. And as a sort of cherry on top Ekko, Chireans, and the ADC all wear similar clothing. Baggy pants ending around the ankles with colorful bandanas worn around the neck. Assuming there's no hostile relations between the two, it's possible that the ADC is someone Ekko actually looks up to. Similarly to how he used to idolize Vi.

And on the topic of hostile relations, almost every time we've seen the ADC they are fighting Vi and Jinx. I don't believe the ADC and their gang will be antagonists on the level of Silco, but it does make me wonder what causes these two forces to fight. Perhaps the hoverboarder gang are the enforces of some Chem Baron, or maybe they're after Jinx for some awful thing she's done and Vi is merely in the way? Either way, I doubt this fight in the teaser will end favorably for the ADC. It's possible their defeat in Arcane is what causes them to go about harnessing electricity as a weapon.

Last thing I thought I should mention is the ADC's mask. Without the contrast of their mask and their attire, the character would look like any other Zaunite thug. The mask is slightly cracked and dirty but is otherwise very pleasing to the eye. While it's possible this mask was stolen from Piltover and bears some significance, there's a chance this mask originates from Zaun. Lately with the teasers of songs being featured in Arcane, we've seen some interesting examples of Zaunite culture that could easily explain the mask.

Unfortunately I think this is all we have to go off of until the 6th of November.
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2021.10.27 16:39 RickVanDam First Look at the Cobra Officer (preorder today)

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2021.10.27 16:39 Lukored Celsius Promo Referral Code - October 2021 - 156365ccab - easily get $50 in BTC on Sign-up+ $40 in BNB + $60 in BTC + much more free BTC!

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Should You have any questions, feel free to ask!
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2021.10.27 16:39 BabSid Selling 2 tickets for the Atlanta show tonight at Coca Cola Roxy. Girlfriend is sick and can’t go anymore. Just looking to get what I paid for it. $90 for both obo. Can transfer tickets through Livenation.

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2021.10.27 16:39 hallowearth approval for cs verification sent via ups?!

got my first letter finally, just got off phone to cs and guy said they needed a reason why I wanted my verification code sent and now it needs to be approved? anyone else get this, I'm not sure what to do.. he said ring back in 2-3 days and see if it is approved to send via ups.. seems weird,just take my money and send it lol
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2021.10.27 16:39 rocketmanLUL anyone else a graveyard main? this is the deck I've been using for awhile, any tips are nice

anyone else a graveyard main? this is the deck I've been using for awhile, any tips are nice submitted by rocketmanLUL to ClashRoyale [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 16:39 zavadskfghfghgf Is bitcoin money or goods? Is crypto money or goods?

Cryptocurrency is becomming more and more mainstream with several large retailers now accepting different forms as payment, and ATMS for crypto popping up everywhere. How do you think this will affect the economy in the coming years?
As you may know, blockchain technology aims to transform the current financial system and exclude the mediators, and these facts can’t be unnoticed by governments.
In the beginning, cryptocurrency seemed to be a doubtful scheme, and now many financial giants show that blockchain can be successfully used in the bank system.
In general, the cryptocurrency market is actively growing, new companies and infrastructure projects like NFT's or gaming platforms like Mimirtoken appear. And the fact that the legal institutions and software development services are trying to assess the impact of bitcoin and other digital currencies on the development of the economy is a positive signal. This proves once again that cryptocurrencies are a multifaceted concept, and the relationship arising from their use can be interpreted in different ways, and no regulator has yet come to a consensus on this issue.
And now there is a big question – what is Bitcoin? Is it the money or goods? What do you think?
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2021.10.27 16:39 SnooApples7744 Musk tweeted in the early morning of the 28th to promote 2Doge tokens

It’s time to dive into the 2Doge Hype!
Introducing 2doge!
Earn Passive income just from holding 2doge!!!
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Buy Tax 13%
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2021.10.27 16:39 mylifenooo420 blessedcomment

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2021.10.27 16:39 Zenzclanz Help

I’m playing through dmc 5 for the first time and I just reached Dante’s levels. And I’m trying to a rank the game on human but every time I try to use one of the styles it will switch without me pressing anything. I’ll try to use royal guard and it switches to sword master and I get hit so help please
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2021.10.27 16:39 goodgirlsince02 19F 💕💕

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2021.10.27 16:39 No_Pop8588 Hardest Online SAT Practice Test

Hey everyone!

What are the hardest SAT practice tests online?

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2021.10.27 16:39 hobbittroll69 Controversial take... but you signed up for the hate bruh(s)

I get it; people suck. This is nothing new. Call it the price of success? I would kill for some more hateful comments if my videos got more views...
You literally platformed yourself, so I mean, this is exactly what you signed up for, right? You made a bold and brave decision to put yourself out there, and it worked goddamnit! You're fucking rich. So what are you fucking bitching about?
Like when Ethan goes "oh you don't like it, well fuck off then..." (not an exact quote...) it's pretty unfair to the viewers. I think a long-time viewer who is not digging new content has every right to express that concern before they peace out... and a lot of times, the fact they even posted something probably helps retain their viewership...
So yeah, if it affects you so much then don't read the comments. I get that, and I don't blame you. But openly complaining about hate when you're thriving off of it kind of pisses me of, with war and hate - ya boi Uncle Johnny TV.
Thanks bye.
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2021.10.27 16:39 SenpaiWontNoticeMe Looks like Bitmart we're breaking Bitmart too

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2021.10.27 16:39 B0rkers Me and my Gf (yes I know it is another one Gf thing)

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2021.10.27 16:39 Slowinthemorning Wheel of Fortune, me, 2021

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2021.10.27 16:39 JeppeKluge Imma be honest if Nick wasn't so fat and actually took care of his hygiene he wouldn't look bad at all.

Imma be honest if Nick wasn't so fat and actually took care of his hygiene he wouldn't look bad at all. submitted by JeppeKluge to Nmpx [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 16:39 xsoldiercloud New beatsaber song packs on older versions?

Is it possible to get the Billie Eilish song to work on the 1.17.1 version? I had bought them on the newer version and then I downgraded to use BMBF and there doesn't appear to be a way to get them from the game itself. I can download the songs from the oculus store. Is there a way to side load them?
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2021.10.27 16:39 anotherthrowayadude 22 [M4F] (New Brunswick Area) Looking for a fun partner!!

I’ve crossposted this. So don’t be scared if you’ve seen this more than once.
Hey there! Just another random horny guy on the Internet again. I’ve been looking for a while to find someone to either sext or have sex with. (Haha see what I did there?) All my labors have come to no fruition. I think I’ve used the majority of the services that are popular to some extent without any sort of success. I’m just a random college student trying to live my day to day and have the occasional no strings fun with someone. If you’re in central jersey I would love to talk maybe set something up, especially with Halloween right around the corner! A bit about me: I’m a 6’0”, 225lb, European male, with blond hair and blue eyes. I’ve been going on and off to the gym and I’m renewing my attempts soon. I like to take pictures/videos, play video games, and just drive while listening to music. I’ve been personally trying to find an Asian partner for fun for a while as well. And I understand that not everyone interested is, so it’s my preference but not a problem if you aren’t. As well as I hope you’ve read this whole spiel, because for verification please just add your age with your eye color in the subject line. I’ve gotten one liners before which confirmed you didn’t read it all. Overall, I await your response! And if you’re not interested, I bid you a good Wednesday!
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2021.10.27 16:39 rodudero Our little elf

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