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2021.10.27 16:35 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Debris IR515N / FLAMINGO RD; nb no 10/27/2021 12:31:25 PM
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2021.10.27 16:35 LiamThePoggers question

when is the physical items coming back out?
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2021.10.27 16:35 GeorgeYDesign Super losses: How millions of Australian workers are being ripped off by their bosses

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2021.10.27 16:35 TheGuvnor247 PIC

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2021.10.27 16:35 Murky-Aioli-7519 Did Everyone’s Apps Just Become Shit ? Lol wtf is going on?

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2021.10.27 16:35 N1nja_tunalol What do you call a disabled terrorist?

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2021.10.27 16:35 ConfusedHamlet Do you like the new subreddit banner? (If no, then suggest me one to add)

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2021.10.27 16:35 porquenoju $2,000 Adventure Gear Giveaway

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2021.10.27 16:35 Abyssal_Kings Hope this doesn’t happen to Henry

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2021.10.27 16:35 Fingoidz84 Bungie….When the postmaster is full tell us with a message immediately!

I am sick of returning to orbit to find out the postmaster is full! Why can’t the message pop up as soon as it happens? I do everything in my power to avoid picking up blue items. I will never ever use blue items. Does anyone equip blue gear after they play for more than a week? I highly doubt it. Otherwise, give us the option to turn off auto pick up! Instead of sending items to the postmaster, why not give us the chance to delete the item? There is a easy way to fix this I am sure. I can’t even count how many important items I have lost, even when I am trying to keep track of everything. I can’t be the only one that is getting fed up with this. I am interested in what the community thinks!
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2021.10.27 16:35 AnOrphanConsumer i hat piss side gf >:(

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2021.10.27 16:35 jetpvckASL A CRASHED WEBSITE WONT STOP US

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2021.10.27 16:35 Fishing4KarmaBoii Who else thinks we're dropping a 0 today?

This is the way, remember don't fucking sell!
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2021.10.27 16:35 Low_Proud wtb can i import from america

im from asia and i am a real one for airsoft guns, so like casually i wanted to start my journey with a pistol(also recommend which pistol i can get under 200$)my question is can i import a pistol from america to pakistan??
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2021.10.27 16:35 possessedfire26 True story

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2021.10.27 16:35 MyNameIsJimJones Citadel is Buying AMC

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2021.10.27 16:35 Rat_Nfrogs69 New frog tank setup, gonna get more live plants bcuz fake plants suck! And overpriced:(

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2021.10.27 16:35 ultra_omar Cloud Flight Wireless Volume Wheel Malfunctioning

Hola que tal.
I bought the headset listed above on Amazon about a year ago and it was working phenomenally on my Win10 PC until a couple of months. Whenever I try to turn the volume up it goes in the opposite direction muting audio completely.
I've tried every solution proposed here: updating firmware to the latest (version 3116), removing the driver from my PC and reinstalling it, pairing again the dongle with the headsets, but none of them work.
Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.27 16:35 moondog151 The serial killer who would lure victims to his home under the pretense of giving them visa's to immigrate to Europe.

Very little is known about Oumar Doumbia's past all we really do know is that he was born in 1982 (Although one source lists his age as 26) and was a commercial employee living in Djicoroni-Para a district in Mali's capital Bamako near a ceramic factory. One source states that he was married and fathered two children but no other source backs this claim up. His neighbors also described him as shy but respectful.
Oumar began his criminal activities in January, 2015 would become a fraudulent visa provider where he would find those with a desire to leave Mali and immigrate to European nations such as Belgium, The Netherlands, France or Germany. Once he found a victim he would ask for 1,000,000 Central African Francs to cover the travel cost and to buy the visa. Once the victims paid him he would invite them into his home under the pretense of travel instructions or so he could drive them to Modibo Keita International Airport.
Once they entered his home they would be offered a drink that he had drugged and after consuming the beverage they would soon fall into unconsciousness, Once they were unconscious he would drive them to an isolated area outside of Bamako and then kill his victims by bashing their heads in with a large stone or stabbing them. The first victim was named Béidy Fomba who was discovered at a forest in Mandé in January, 2015. The police would also discover the bodies of Ousmane Kéita in June, 2015, Cheick Oumar Kéita on September 22, 2016 and Souleymane Kéita on October 1, 2016 both in the company of Oumar but there was no evidence linking him to their to the murders. One victim also survived a man named Drissa Sidibé a commercial employee who he tried to rob at gunpoint but the gun didn't go off saving Drissa's life. He would sometimes contact the families of the victims using their cellphone and a foreign dialing code and pretend to be the victim and mimic their voices the best he could telling them that they made it Europe safely and and once case approached Béidy Fomba's family and presented a picture of a vehicle that Béidy wanted to send to Mali and that 1,500,000 Central African Francs was needed to be paid for the vehicle to arrive. The money was paid but the vehicle never arrived and the police soon informed his family that Béidy's dead body was found.
His victims were from the same neighborhood as him and another source states that Cheick Oumar Kéita and Ousmane Kéita were childhood friends of Oumars (But again this has never been verified). Both of them had dreams of going to Europe to be football players
Oumar would claim one more victim before he was caught, On December 20, 2016 a man named Moussa Thiam was reported missing and was last seen in Oumar's company and Oumar pretending to be a women had called Moussa's parents to and explained that he had passed away in a traffic accident. His parents panicked and devastated searched every hospital and morgue in the city for their son but he wasn't anywhere to be found.
His parents then called the police to report him missing and soon afterwards on December 21, 2016 Moussa's buried murdered dead body by an elderly man in Farabana with his cellphone still in his hand. Knowing that he was last seen in the company of Oumar the police went to his house to question him but once they saw a motorcycle belonging to Moussa at Oumar's home they arrested him instead.
Oumar was interrogated and confessed but he tried to claim that he was barely involved and that two men his accomplices actually carried out the killings but when he saw that the police didn't believe him he changed his story and instead denied any involvement in the murder. On the topic of accomplices Oumar two of them who are unnamed but were arrested for their involvement. The alleged accomplices however were released as the police determined that Oumar was lying and that they were innocent. After his arrest the relatives of the victims in a rage attempted to set fire to his house but the police managed to hold back the mob and stop them from burning down the home
Oumar was charged with fraud, five counts of murder with premeditation, One count of attempted murder against Drissa Sidibé and theft.
For unknown reasons his trial was delayed and didn't happen until nearly 4 years later. At The Assize Court he claimed innocence and that the killer was a work colleague named Moussa Yattassaye and was quoted as saying "Moussa came to my house because my boss called him regarding his day's trip. following. He left me his motorbike and got into the car of Yattassaye, my boss. I have not seen him again" However Moussa Yattassaye never existed and wasn't a real person or rather he was a real person, Oumar himself as if was one of three fake names he used to lure his victims home. The prosecution called a car washer as a witnesses who testified that a plentiful amount of blood was present in Oumar's car. Oumar countered stating that on that day he had to transport an injured man to the hospital but this was dismissed as there were no records of him ever arriving at the hospital and also the blood belonged to one of the victims and there was too much for it to belong to a single person.
On September 17, 2020 Oumar Doumbia was found guilty and sentenced to death. It is however unlikely that an execution will take place as Mali is a De Facto abolitionist nation having never executed a single person since 1980.
One source mentions that he is a suspect in 9 other missing persons cases but no other sources mention that and I can't find any other information on them.
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2021.10.27 16:35 ZeroThunderbolt Mejor lo hubieran vestido de mono del fornais o de la serie de moda ಠ_ಠ

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2021.10.27 16:35 siirezzii blsc cowl for a poncho i’m making :)

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2021.10.27 16:35 FaxTimeMachine The “Back Again Bandit” bank robber was arrested today. What’s a cool ‘Bad Guy’ name that you’ve heard of and what did they do?

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2021.10.27 16:35 Ok_Researcher_2915 My old account got banned :(

Not off this subreddit specifically, just off of reddit as a whole permanently. Before I continue, its important for me to note that I'm bisexual. This means that I have the right to say the word "faggot". Now this story starts about 2 or 3 months ago when the chris chan situation got big. Someone on the LGBT subreddit was talking about how we shouldn't misgender chris, I didn't agree so naturally I said "I honestly think it's fine for people to misgender him, he raped his mom and since pronouns are something to be respected and since I don't respect rapists, I will continue to misgender him". Naturally I was almost instantly banned from the subreddit for being transphobic. However, out heroing story does not end there, I messaged the moderators and attempted to explain what happened, but they muted me. So our story now jumps to about 2 weeks ago, I'm on reddit and decide that it would be funny to message the LGBT moderators since I was now unbanned. I went into the chat and typed two words "faggot lmao". Then a day later I noticed my account was permanently suspended.
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2021.10.27 16:35 tristanator2 Changed Stunt driving charge

I got a stunt driving ticket for going 187 in a 100 172(1) they offered to change it too s.128 keeping the same speed but making the fine $850 what would be the consequences of accepting this in a guilty plea? They did not show what suspensions/demerit points I would get for it just the fine.
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2021.10.27 16:35 marsellus2017 App and exchange down

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